Why join a church recording group?

Quotes from Church Recorders-

'It has taught me so much. I went in knowing nothing about architecture, stained-glass windows or heraldry, I have learnt so much over the years.

There is a terrific camarderie. You work together and pick one another's brains. It's a hobby that I have grown to love'- Angela Goedicke, Church Recorder.

“I was looking for something to do!...I’d never heard of Church Recording but on meeting a recorder, I now do the church memorials as I like typography, and you discover so much about people and the extraordinary lives they led…19 children for example!’

“…going into a church was like a treasure hunt – finding such fascinating facts and we are learning all the time.”

Quote from a Church Warden-

“You have given a great gift, something money cannot buy – a living history”